You may be looking forward to your upcoming motorhome vacation, but you also may be a bit nervous if you’ve rarely or never driven a motorhome. While you don’t need a special license to drive this type of RV, being armed with a few helpful tips can make a big difference in how prepared you are for your motorhome adventure. Check out the four valuable tips below for driving a motorhome rental from Freedom RV Rentals.

4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Motorhome Rental

1. They Drive Differently Than Cars

Motorhome rentals handle very differently than mid-size cars or even top-heavy SUVs. Where a gust of wind can slightly sway your personal vehicle, that same gust of wind in a motorhome can seriously make you feel like you’re about to fly off the road. Take your time when driving and slow down if needed. You’ll also want to be careful when turning corners or stopping at traffic lights. It’s much better to drive slower and be safe than end up in an accident.

2. They Park Differently Than Cars

Parking a motorhome can definitely be a challenge. If you stop for a short rest, a quick shopping trip, or a bite to eat, choose a location that has plenty of open space that can accommodate an RV. When you’re pulling up into your campsite, be sure to park your motorhome rental on level ground. This will keep the motorhome and all its equipment level and working properly.

3. They Provide On-The-Road Meals

With a motorhome rental, you can pull off to the side of the road and cook yourself an amazing meal without ever leaving the RV. Stock the cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer with everything you need for quick snacks or a tasty dinner. This is especially helpful if you want to reach your destination sooner without having to make any stops along the way.

4. They Need to Be Properly Emptied

Camping in a motorhome provides so many luxurious benefits, but one of the not-so-satisfying advantages of renting a motorhome is emptying the tanks. Take extra precautions and use items like surgical gloves when you are dumping the tanks, especially the toilet tanks. Not only will this keep you protected from unsafe bacteria, but it will also make the entire process much less messy.

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