Are you new to camping? Maybe you’ve done the tent thing and are considering an RV rental for your next excursion? If you want to rent an RV but aren’t sure where to start, use the following rental summary—courtesy of Freedom RV Rentals—as a guide.

Pop-Up Camper Rental

pop-up camper rentalIf you’re looking for a step up from tent camping, then a pop-up camper rental is a great alternative. Most pop-up campers provide bed space for up to eight people and include a place to cook, store food, eat, and store fresh water in small quantities. A camper rental travels easily and requires towing capabilities, but most pop-up campers are lightweight enough to be pulled by a car, SUV, van, or small truck.

Pop-up campers do require a small amount of setup, but most people find it can be done in an hour or less. The staff at Freedom RV Rentals will be glad to walk you through the setup process to make it even easier.

Travel Trailer Rental

travel trailer rentalUnlike a pop-up camper, a travel-trailer rental requires little to no setup. You simply haul the travel trailer to your campsite, unhook it from the vehicle, make sure you’re hooked up to electricity/water (if available), and go! Travel-trailer rentals also have additional features including more space, larger kitchen area and additional appliances (like a microwave), and often a tub, shower, or toilet.

While travel-trailer rentals come with more space and are fairly lightweight, they do require additional towing requirements. Freedom RV Rentals can make sure your vehicle is ready to pull a travel-trailer rental. All you have to do is bring your vehicle in to Freedom RV Rental at least a week prior to your pick-up date, and we can make sure you have the appropriate wiring, hitch, and so on. (If you aren’t sure your car or truck can handle it, be sure to call ahead!)

RV Rental

RV rental

Motorhome rentals offer the ultimate comfort and convenience when you’re enjoying the outdoors. An RV rental is an all-in-one vehicle, so no towing or setup is necessary. Plus, motorhome rentals offer more extras and space than pop-up campers or travel-trailer rentals.

RV rentals come in many shapes, sizes, and models, but most include beds (some up to 10 people!), kitchen (complete with refrigerator, freezer, stove, and microwave), bathroom, and ample storage. Many models also feature TV/DVD combos for your entertainment on the road or on rainy days.

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