Vacation TipsYou want (and need) a summer vacation. You need a break from the normal pace of life to relax and reset. However, you don’t have a huge vacation budget at your disposal. Don’t despair or give up quite yet. With these few tips from our team at Freedom RV Rentals, you can still get away without going broke.

1. Determine your budget.

Before you start cutting coupons or making plans, know exactly what you can afford. From there, you can start getting creative on how to spend your money. However, without setting a budget, you will almost always spend more than you intended.

2. Stay nearby.

You don’t have to travel far to feel like you get away. What you need is a change of pace and scenery. You can do that without spending hundreds of dollars on gas or airfare. Your best bet may be to go local. If you’re planning on camping, you may want to look into Codorus State Park or even Hersheypark, depending on what kind of getaway you want.

3. Search for deals.

Never pay the original asking price for any rental or attraction. Before you purchase, take some time to look for special offers. First, scour the Internet for coupons, and then call directly to ask whether they have any special discounts. You never know what insider info an employee might have (and be willing to share with you).

4. See what’s free.

Many activities and parks throughout Pennsylvania don’t charge a thing! Many museums feature free days or hours, and you can find a number of parks where you can go and enjoy being outdoors without having to pay exorbitant prices.

5. Don’t eat out every meal.

One sure-fire way to save money on vacation is to bring your own food or prepare your own meals. If you’re camping, this becomes especially easy since your RV rental likely has at least a kitchenette, so you can do a good amount of cooking. You can also opt for picnic lunches, or bring along snacks wherever you might go. You might be amazed just how much you might save by limiting your eating out to one meal a day.

6. Consider camping.

What kind of camper rental company would we be if we didn’t tell you about how our RVs could save you money? Compared to the cost of the average hotel room (or rooms, depending on how many people are in your family), a camper rental can be a much less expensive option. Plus, many campsites (especially state parks) are very reasonably priced. 

To find out more about our rates, contact Freedom RV Rentals today at (814) 695-9408. We’d be glad to tell you all about our affordable pop-up camper, motorhome, and travel trailer options.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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