Most people associate camping with summertime, but with an RV, camping season never has to end. While some campgrounds close for the season, many are open for avid RV campers and provide the same great amenities year-round. At Freedom RV Rentals, we’ve compiled a list of four things you need to know before taking your RV on the road this winter.

Winter Motorhome Rentals

1. Keep Warm

When preparing for a winter camping trip, it’s natural to think about keeping warm. You certainly want to pack lots of layers and blankets, but you might also want to consider packing an RV skirt to keep your rig warm. A vinyl RV skirt can reduce interior heat loss by up to 25% and keep plumbing, battery bays, and other important elements from freezing. Insulating windows with bubble or foam insulation also helps reduce heat loss, and adding a space heater acts as a nice supplement to your furnace.

2. Protect Your Plumbing

A frozen pipe will put a damper on your camping experience in a hurry. To prevent a plumbing catastrophe, many RV campers choose to drain their tanks and use bottled water for cooking and for washing dishes. If you choose to use water hookups, make sure to thoroughly insulate your pipes. Also, be sure to insulate your sewer pipe and flush antifreeze down the toilets and drains to keep your black tank from freezing.

3. Avoid Moisture Buildup

Without proper ventilation, a toasty RV can quickly become a steam room if too much moisture builds up inside the rig. Humidity and condensation from heating can lead to a moldy mess. A dehumidifier is an affordable, portable option for reducing humidity inside your RV. Adding vent covers is also a great option because they allow campers to open their vents year-round, preventing condensation from forming. Additionally, vent covers add an extra layer of insulation, thereby reducing heat loss. 

4. Hit the Road

At Freedom RV Rentals, we are passionate about helping our customers enjoy the outdoors year-round. Centrally located between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, PA, we offer new and late-model motorhome and travel trailer rentals. We take all of the stress out of camping by filling the fluids, cleaning the unit, and dumping the tanks.  This winter, enjoy a stress-free adventure with an RV rental from Freedom RV Rentals. Request an online quote  or call us at (866) 876-7368 to get started.

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