Because of quality and quantity of New Jersey’s Worthington State Forest’s trails, it is admired by several hiking enthusiasts. If you are looking for some rugged to moderate hiking terrain and are headed to New Jersey – even nearby Pennsylvania, New York, or Connecticut, you need to put Worthington State Forest on your trip agenda.

For long-distance hikers, Worthington State Forest may be where you begin your trip on the North American Appalachian Trail, a 2,175 mile, multi-state trail that extends from Maine to Georgia. This well-renown trail has 7 miles that runs directly through this NJ state forest area. So, if you’re up to the challenge, why not begin your journey in Pennsylvania and end up in NJ?

Even though these areas do not allow camping on their property, there are several other campgrounds nearby have tent pads as well as electrical hookups for your RV Rental.

This NJ environmentally state-protected area has more than 26 miles of trails, including 5 miles of canoe trails on the Delaware River. The remaining trails are all of the foot-hiking variety. One of the best treks is the climb to the top of Mount Tammany. This 1,527 foot ascend above sea level is challenging but rewarding to those who reach the peak. From the top, hikers are able to see the forest as well as the Delaware Water Gap from an aerial perspective.

Hiking is not the only activity available in Worthington State Forest. Because the Delaware River runs through this New Jersey forest, you can also fish for Small mouth Bass, Walleye, and Channel Catfish, when the weather permits. If you decide to fish while at Worthington State Forest, be sure to check out the local rules and regulations prior to casting your line. The Sunfish Pond Natural Area is another destination within Worthington State Forest that you may want to visit. The venture to this glacial lake is not for the feint of heart, because it is reachable only by a steep and rugged climb along the Appalachian Trail.

Heated RV rentals are perfect for traveling in the winter; they allow you to experience all the benefits of the seasons without the negatives like the cold temperatures and being grounded at an airport. These cold months are a great time to visit Worthington State Forest as well. The icicle covered trees make for perfect picture backgrounds, while the snowy terrain is best explored by cross-country skis or snowmobiles.

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