History buffs, take note. Pennsylvania is the state to visit if you want to see famous American attractions, especially historic sites involving the Civil War. From outstanding museums to iconic battlefields, Pennsylvania is a great place to take a weekend tour of top Civil War destinations.

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Day One: Harrisburg

While driving on the picturesque Dutch Country Roads, you’ll soon find yourself in the capital city of Harrisburg. During the Civil War, the city was an important training center for the Union Army. Harrisburg is also home to these notable attractions:

  • The National Civil War Museum: This attraction is one of the largest museums dedicated to The Civil War. Not only will you see artifacts from the war, but you’ll also learn how the war affected people’s lives during the era.
  • John Harris-Simon Cameron House: After finishing your tour of the museum, visit this ornate mansion, once owned by Lincoln’s Secretary of War.

Day Two: Chambersburg

On day two, take your travel trailer to Chambersburg, a town that was invaded by Confederate soldiers three times. Although a large portion of the town was burned down during the third invasion, there are still historic attractions that remain intact today:

  • John Brown House: In 1859, the upstairs bedroom of this house served as a place for abolitionist John Brown to devise his attack on Harper’s Ferry.
  • “The Old Jail”: Having survived the fire in 1864, this structure later became a stop for the Underground Railroad.

Day Three: Gettysburg

Gettysburg was perhaps the most pivotal city during the Civil War. Between the devastating battle and Lincoln’s legendary Gettysburg Address, the area is a must-see destination for Civil War enthusiasts. The following are some of Gettysburg’s lesser-known attractions:

  • Rupp House: This property features interactive exhibits about 19th-century culture and biographies on various civilians and soldiers.
  • Jennie Wade House: Wade was the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg. Her family’s house has since become a popular Civil War museum.

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