One of the great benefits of using Freedom RV Rentals is that we offer a wide range of motorhome rental types. We have something for everyone! However, as you peruse your options, you may be having a hard time narrowing down your choices. To select the right RV for your Pennsylvania getaway, consider these few rental tips.

RV Rental Tips1. Set your budget.

Determine how much of your vacation budget you can allocate toward an RV before you select a model. You don’t want to rent a motorhome with all the bells and whistles if what you can afford is a reliable camper rental (with the lower rates).

2. Count your crew.

Just how many beds will you need to accommodate everyone in your group? Will one bed do the trick or do you have five friends in tow who will all need their own space? The size of your group will help you eliminate RVs that are too small.

3. Know where you plan to go.

Renting an RV with its own restroom, HVAC, and entertainment system is great, but do you know whether your campsite has all the appropriate hookups? It’s no fun to go camping with a deluxe motorhome if you can’t enjoy all its features.

4. Determine your vacation priorities.

Do you want to go camping to “rough it” as much as possible? Or are you more of a “glamping” enthusiast who enjoys hiking and evenings by the fire, but at the end of the day you want your own queen-sized bed, heating and cooling, and time in front of the TV? Knowing your camping style is important to decide which RV option is right for you.

These tips should help you make a decision, but if you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact our crew at (814) 695-9408. We’ll take into account your vacation needs and help you make a reservation for the motorhome that’s right for you.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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