We are deep into the doldrums of winter, and now is the time that we start looking for the light at the end of the very cold and dark tunnel. It’s also the time to start planning your trip for spring break if you would like to get away with your family this year. Freedom RV Rentals offers any type of RV rental you need to be able to travel in a unique way for a vacation experience like no other. Let’s go through some ideal spring break destinations for residents living in the cold state of Pennsylvania.

RV Rentals for Spring Break

The Great Smoky Mountains

This may not be quite as satisfying as going to the beach while it still feels cold at home, but a trip to the Smoky Mountains will definitely provide a fun experience in a warmer climate for the whole family. You can stay at one of the local RV campgrounds and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the hiking trails, waterfalls, and local fauna. It’s always a pleasure to observe the emergence of spring in a picturesque destination.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Do you anticipate that your family will be longing for the warmth and serenity of the ocean after a long, cold winter? Myrtle Beach will give you the best of both worlds: A beach experience and many fun activity opportunities under the warm sunshine. You can’t go wrong with the hustle and bustle of the boardwalk during the day and the quiet retreat of your RV in the evenings.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Head to the Outer Banks in your RV for a different beach experience. This spring break destination will deliver a serene vacation spent exploring the beautiful beaches, historic sites, lighthouses, and charming towns and villages unique to this area. There are plenty of quaint shops, restaurants, and activities, such as horseback riding, to pass your time. 

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Freedom RV Rentals offers the best quality rentals to transform your ordinary vacation into a great one. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore a warmer destination during your upcoming spring break in one of our affordable motorhome rentals or travel trailer rentals. Contact us today at (866) 876-7368 to request a quote for your spring break RV adventure. We serve residents in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and the surrounding Pennsylvania areas.

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