Are you planning a weekend trip this fall to Prince Gallitzin State Park, Rocky Gap State Park, or another gorgeous fall destination? If so, bring along one of the well-maintained and affordable pop-up camper rentals from Freedom RV Rentals. While being a great alternative to tents, they also offer some of the same amenities as a more expensive travel trailer or motorhome. 

Bring a Pop-Up Camper on Your Next Weekend Road Trip

Affordable Alternative to Tents

A pop-up camper rental is an affordable alternative to using a tent on your next camping adventure. Many tents only offer space for sleeping. Our pop-up campers provide space for comfortably sitting, eating, relaxing, and simply spending time together. Our rental lot includes pop-up campers with many of the same amenities as our travel trailers or motorhomes, such as:

  • Stovetop
  • Cabinet and counter space
  • Room for up to 6 people
  • Dinette table
  • Small sink and refrigerator
  • And more!

Easy to Set Up

Setting up camp is much simpler with a pop-up camper rental. Simply unhitch, get comfortable at the campsite, and you’re ready for a weekend of relaxation. Our pop-ups are easy to assemble, as they are well-maintained and repaired on a consistent schedule. We also provide you with a full propane tank, and walk you through the complete set-up and tear-down procedures.

Protection from the Elements

While a tent does offer protection from the outdoor elements, it’s not always guaranteed that you will stay dry while sleeping in that tent. A pop-up camper offers protection from the rain with its waterproof siding. To escape any rain, all you need to do is simply zip it up. In the event of inclement weather, a pop-up rental camper also provides plenty of space for you and your family to cook, play games, or simply relax.

Explore Pennsylvania in Comfort

Call our office today at (866) 876-7368 to reserve a pop-up camper for your upcoming travels. You can also conveniently request a quote online. Along with our pop-up camper rentals, we also have a variety of travel trailers and motorhomes for rent in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

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