If you’re interested in the history of organized crime in America or visiting allegedly haunted sites, we have the perfect destination for you to check out on your road trip through PA. At Eastern State Penitentiary, you’ll be able to indulge your curiosity in mobsters of the Prohibition and haunted houses at the same time.

Initially, the historic penitentiary can seem out of place with the more patriotic buildings in Philadelphia. Independence Hall, the Declaration House, and the home of Betsy Ross aren’t exactly the companion sites you’d expect to find the state prison that famously held notorious mobster Al Capone. Eastern State, as you’ll find, is as much a part of American history as any other historical Philadelphia site.


Eastern State Penitentiary can be found on the corner of 22nd and Fairmount in Philadelphia, PA at 2027 Fairmount Avenue and is a great place to visit on your road trip in your PA RV rental from Freedom RV Rentals.

Brief History

Originally constructed in 1829, Eastern State was designed with intimidation in mind and incorporated dramatic gothic architecture to accomplish that goal. The penitentiary mainly housed petty criminals but did, from time to time, held infamous big-name mobsters. Until Eastern State Penitentiary’s eventual closure in 1970, it was one of America’s most expensive public structures. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, the once illustrious prison fell into disrepair until 1994, when it was opened as a historic museum.

Things to See

When you make it into Philly in your RV or motorhome rental this summer for a tour around Eastern State Penitentiary, you’ll have the choice of conducting a self-guided, audio tour or attending a Hands-On History demonstration. Demonstrations are roughly 10 minutes long and are led by one of the facility’s tour guides. With the tours, you’ll have the opportunity to investigate the prison’s grounds, including the punishment cells and surgical hospital.

A visit in the winter presents the opportunity to take the Winter Adventure Tour. This special, guided tour leads a 25-person group through the central observation hub, cellblocks, Death Row, and even the luxurious cell that famous gangster Al Capone once occupied (and was allegedly haunted by an old associate in). Capone’s cell is easily distinguishable because of the creature comforts his status allowed him, even in state prison. Winter Adventure Tours last about an hour and feature art installations and hands-on interactive experiences.


Eastern State Penitentiary is open from 10a.m. to 5p.m. daily.

Make your next Pennsylvania road trip an exciting one. Take your PA RV rental from freedomrentals.com to Eastern State Penitentiary and let your family experience the rich history that can be found in Philadelphia. Contact us today at (814) 695-9408 and let us provide the wheels for you next getaway.

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