Pennsylvania’s spectacular scenery and important historic sites draw many visitors to this beautiful state. However, those “of age” shouldn’t miss a stop at one of the local wineries. Pennsylvania has over a hundred wineries, making it seventh in the nation in wine production. During your next RV rental trip to Pennsylvania, why not make a stop at Altoona’s Oak Spring Winery?

Founded by the Schraff family in 1987, the winery and vineyards are nestled into the shadow of the peaceful Allegheny Mountains. The facility currently produces about 6,500 cases of wine per year, and its production includes several award-winning vintages. Visitors will enjoy the sense of local hospitality as they tour the winery and learn about the wine-making process. After viewing the tank and bottling rooms, you’ll be invited to sample the various wines in the wine-tasting room. Wines that delight your palate can then be purchased in the Oak Spring Wine Shop for you to enjoy in your travel trailer.

Oak Spring Winery produces both red and white wines. The red varietals include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Harvest Red, and Concord, while Oak Spring’s white wines are Pinot Gris, Vidal Blanc, Gewurtstraminer, Niagara, and Reisling. The rose wines include Pink Catawba, Holiday Spiced Concord Blush, and the Steuben. Two of these, the Reisling and the Steuben, have been awarded gold medals by the American Wine Society and the Pennsylvania Wine Association. In addition to Oak Spring’s traditional grape-made wines, the Schraff family also makes an array of fruit wines, including Classic Cherry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Spiced Apple, Cherry/Chocolate, and the award-winning Peach.

Those who’d like to learn to make their own wines should visit the Home Brew Shoppe. This specialty store has everything you’ll need to begin making your own vintages, including base ingredients, corks and bottles, labels, thermometers, and wine racks. If you need wine for a special occasion such as a wedding or a corporate event, Oak Spring Winery can produce custom-labeled wine bottles.

Oak Spring Winery is located about four miles north of Altoona. Take your RV rental along I-99 until you reach the Pinecroft exit. The way to the winery is well-marked with signs. It’s open seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

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