When you think of renting a motorhome, you typically think of going camping, right? Well, there are other reasons for renting a motorhome that don’t involve taking a vacation. Some families use motorhomes or campers when they have family visiting from out of town or when their Pittsburgh area home is undergoing renovations. Keep reading to learn more about renting a motorhome from Freedom RV Rentals when you need a temporary or alternate living space.

Rent a Motorhome When You Need a Temporary Living Space

Home Construction

Are you doing major renovations to your home? Are you updating your kitchen or bathroom, and need another living space during this time? A motorhome rental can offer you the space you need. While some people choose to stay in a hotel while work is being done, a motorhome can offer you all the amenities of your own home, including a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. It also allows you to remain on your property so you can keep an eye on the current renovation project.

No Spare Bedrooms

Do you have family or friends coming to visit from out of town? Maybe your home is cozy yet doesn’t have the space to accommodate long-term visitors. A motorhome rental offers guests their own living space while being close enough to still enjoy time together. It also offers your guests more privacy than if they were to stay in your home with you.

Family Events

Are you traveling from out of town to a family event in the Pittsburgh area, such as a graduation, wedding, or funeral? Do you want to stay close to family but wish to have a private space of your own? Then this is the perfect time to rent a motorhome. Rather than being cooped up with other family members in one home, ask if you can park a motorhome in their driveway or backyard. It allows you to remain close during this time, but also gives you the privacy you may need.

Spacious & Well-Maintained

Request a free quote today for a spacious and well-maintained motorhome rental from Freedom RV Rentals by calling (866) 876-7368. We also have travel trailers as well as pop-up campers available for rent. Our team is happy to help you find the camper option that works best for you and your family.


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