Searching for an ideal setting to visit with your PA RV rental? Look no further than Allegheny National Forest, right here in Pennsylvania. Allegheny National Forest is home to some of the region’s most beautiful scenery, and it’s a perfect destination for outdoor, family-friendly fun.


Because of its immense size, Allegheny National Forest is divided into two ranger districts. To reach the forest’s Bradford Ranger District in your PA RV rental from Freedom RV Rentals, head to 29 Forest Service Drive in Bradford, PA. For the park’s Marienville Ranger District, drive your RV rental to 131 Smokey Lane in Marienville, PA.


Here’s a quick look at some of the exhilarating activities you’ll be able to enjoy when you visit Allegheny National Forest, one of Pennsylvania’s top destinations for outdoor fun.

Camping: There are several options if you plan on spending more than just a day at Allegheny National Forest. Rustic and RV campsites, cabin rentals, and group campsites can all be reserved at several recreational areas throughout the forest. Be sure to check with the park ranger’s office for special restrictions or guidelines before setting up camp.

Fishing: A valid license is required if a fishing trip is on your agenda for your visit to Allegheny National Forest. The forest has several options for interested anglers, from babbling brooks to the Allegheny Reservoir. You’ll be able to hook walleye, musky, and a wide variety of gorgeous trout.

Driving: If you want to get an idea of the forest’s scope, take a scenic drive to one of the Bradford Ranger District’s overlooks. Rimrock Overlook, Jakes Rock Overlook, and Dewdrop Recreation Area are all great places to take in Allegheny’s natural beauty from the comfort of your RV.

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