RV camping can be a fun adventure, but some people are nervous about the unknowns regarding RV rentals. Do I need a special license to drive an RV? Can I tow any travel trailer with my truck? Isn’t gas expensive when driving a motorhome? At Freedom RV Rental, we often address misconceptions like these surrounding RVs. With your questions answered and your mind at ease, we look forward to helping you have an amazing and worry-free camping experience.

3 Common Misconceptions About RVs

1. I Need a Special License to Drive an RV

While no special license is needed to drive an RV, local laws and regulations regarding driving and parking RVs must be followed. Be educated and prepared before venturing outside county or state lines by checking road restrictions and state regulations for the areas you are driving through. If you plan to camp at a state or national park, review their website to ensure your RV rental complies with their guidelines, or ask us.

2. RVs Use a Ton of Gas

Yes, RVs use more gas than standard cars, but compared to older RVs, newer ones are much better on gas mileage. RV manufacturers are noticing the rising gasoline cost and consistently improving fuel efficiency. If you wish to save on gas costs, rent a pop-up camper, Class C motorhome, or Class C travel trailer, as they get better gas mileage than larger RVs.

3. I Can Tow Any RV with My Vehicle

Before you tow an RV, or any equipment for that matter, be sure to check your vehicle’s tow rating or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which states the amount of weight your truck or SUV can pull. Towing beyond the maximum GVWR can lead to hazardous driving or vehicle accidents. If you’re towing a fifth wheel, it’s important not to tow any amount above the payload capacity, which is the weight your truck can carry. This information can be found in the driver’s door or calculated by subtracting the vehicle’s empty weight from the GVWR.

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