Pennsylvania is rich with historical sites. From the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to the battlefield of Gettysburg, you can easily spend weeks traveling PA in your travel- trailer rental and exploring U.S. history. If you enjoy learning about the Civil War, Freedom RV Rentals recommends that you plan a trip to Harrisburg, PA to visit the National Civil War Museum, and here’s why.

1. Extensive Collection

The National Civil War Museum has over 24,000 artifacts spread throughout the grounds. Each piece tells a story of the war and helps paint a picture of what the war was like, the people who fought in it, and what it meant for the United States.

2. Commitment to Equal Representation

Part of the vision of the National Civil War Museum is to present the Civil War without bias toward either the Union or Confederate causes. The museum staff is committed to helping visitors see the humanity and the stories behind the war, which is why many exhibits display the life of both soldiers and civilians during that time period.

3. Educational Events

In addition to its collection, the National Civil War Museum also hosts educational and cultural events. Be sure to check out the events calendar to see whether you can catch a special museum program during your visit.

The National Civil War Museum is located in Harrisburg, PA, which is about two hours from our Freedom RV Rentals location in East Freedom, PA. You can easily pick up a travel-trailer rental and make a trip to the Harrisburg area for either a weekend or an extended trip. We have a wide range of RV rentals that offer great amenities and flexibility as you explore historical Pennsylvania.

To make a travel-trailer rental reservation, contact Freedom RV Rentals at (814) 695-9408, or you can fill out our online reservation-request form.

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