Would you like to take a camping vacation this summer but are looking for an easy and affordable option? Consider renting a pop-up camper from Freedom RV Rentals. Not only are our pop-ups inexpensive, but they’re also simple to tow and easy to set up. Keep reading to learn more about the many advantages of renting a pop-up camper.

4 Advantages to Renting a Pop-Up Camper

1. Affordable

When it comes to camper rentals, pop-ups are by far the most affordable option. This doesn’t mean that they are small on amenities. A typical pop-up has features like a kitchen area with a sink, a dinette area, and beds on either end to easily sleep a family of four. Larger pop-up rentals may also include a toilet, bathroom sink, and shower.

2. Lightweight

Pop-up campers are lightweight when compared to most motorhomes or travel trailers. This makes them easy to haul and doesn’t require a large, expensive truck to pull the camper. If you have an SUV, minivan, midsize truck, or crossover, you can conveniently hook it up to your vehicle’s hitch and set off on your camping adventure.

3. Maneuverable

If you’re new to camping, a pop-up camper rental may be a good option. They don’t take much effort to maneuver in and out of a campsite, and they are not difficult to pull behind your vehicle when driving. If you want to enjoy a budget-friendly camping trip, you can rent a smaller campsite and still have a fun time with your family.

4. Easy Set-Up

With its lightweight features and easy maneuverability, pop-up campers for rent are a cinch to set up and break down. Newer models have electric cranks to open them, whereas gently used models use a manual crank. Either way, you can open and set up your pop-up rental in under an hour from start to finish. Now that’s a great start to any camping vacation!

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