Are you thinking of renting an RV but aren’t sure which is best for you and your family? While all of our campers have their own amenities and conveniences, you may be looking for something in particular. At Freedom RV Rentals, our motorhome rentals include several comforts, including the ones below, to make you feel like you’re right at home.

Enjoy These 6 Amenities in Each of Our Motorhomes

1. Queen Beds

Don’t think that because you’re sleeping in a motorhome you have to be uncomfortable. Our motorhome rentals can pleasantly sleep anywhere from six to 10 people with our included queen beds. Other sleeping areas include the bunks over the driver’s seat and the dinettes that transform into beds.

2. Bathrooms with Showers

If you like to camp but don’t quite enjoy “roughing it”, then take advantage of the bathrooms with showers in our motorhome rentals. There’s absolutely no reason to leave your motorhome at night to use the camp restroom. Plus, you can freshen up each morning right in the comfort of your own motorhome.

3. Awnings

Awnings are a nice, relaxing way to enjoy some shade and relaxation while camping. Place a few camping chairs underneath for reading a book or chatting with friends. You can also set a picnic table under the awning for some shade from the sun while eating your meals outdoors.

4. Refrigerators

There’s no need to pack a cooler when you rent a motorhome from Freedom RV. Each of our motorhome rentals include a refrigerator, and most of them also include a freezer. While the sizes do vary, you can store drinks, condiments, meat, dairy items, and more in the included refrigerators.

5. Three-Burner Stoves

While you may enjoy grilling your meals over a campfire, it may be nice to also have access to a stove. With our three-burner stoves, you can boil water, fry eggs, cook hamburgers, or prepare any other foods you’d like. 

6. Storage

Each of our motorhome rentals have ample storage available. Whether it’s a pantry, shelves, cabinets, overhead storage, or under-the-bed storage, there are plenty of places to store clothing, food, household items, and more.

Reserve Your Motorhome Today

Call us today at (866) 876-7368 to request a quote for one of our motorhome rentals. We also have an extensive selection of pop-up camper rentals and travel trailers available for camping in Raystown Lake, PA, and the surrounding areas.

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