Traveling throughout the state of Pennsylvania is one of the most interesting activities to do in your family’s RV rental. If you are planning on exploring this incredible state start planning your vacation now, don’t forget to schedule a stop in Titusville PA. Under a 3 hour drive from Altoona, this trip is perfect for you and your family to explore the great outdoors together.

The town of Titusville lays claim to the first commercial oil well, drilled in 1859 by Edwin Drake. Several historical points of interest in and around the town allow visitors to learn more about the early days of petroleum production. Located at the northern end of Oil Creek State Park, the site of that first oil well now houses the Drake Well Museum. The museum has informative videos, exhibits, oil field machinery and several historic buildings. Guided tours of the Drake Well are offered, as well as a special “Nitro Show”

Another attraction located in this area is the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad train excursion. The old freight station, which was built in 1892, now offers a 3-hour guided trip through the oil country that is fun for the whole family. They even have an open air car, a first class car and the only railway Post Office in the U.S.

Although Oil Creek State Park doesn’t have any camping facilities, you can find them nearby at campgrounds such as Oil Creek Family Campground, which has full RV rental hook-ups, as well as tent and trailer sites. The campground is within walking distance of the state park, and also has lots of activities for the kids.

Located in Pennsylvania’s beautiful rolling hill the Oil Creek Campground has the area’s best photographic opportunities. Not only is it great for pictures but it is also have several different activities for your whole family. Here you can engage in the usually state park adventures such as camping in your RV rental, swimming, hiking and cooking s’mores over a camp fire. You can also enjoy more unique experiences such as the llama petting farm as well as a playground and walk through maze. This exciting vacation spot offers a diverse assortment of adventures to embark on for you and your whole family.

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