Camping in the winter can be an adventurous experience. With several camping parks and attractions near Harrisburg like the Civil War Museum, Dauphin County Detweiler Park, Hersheypark, and the Appalachian Trail, you certainly won’t run out of things to keep you busy and entertained. Be sure you are safely prepared for camping in the winter with these recommendations from Freedom RV Rentals.

What to Pack in Your Travel Trailer When Camping in the Winter


If you plan on hiking, snowshoeing, or exploring the downtown streets of Pennsylvania’s state capitol, make sure you’re prepared for the weather. In addition to having gloves and a hat with you, we suggest dressing in layers, as temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day. Begin with a base layer that can wick away moisture and keep you dry. Then, add a warm mid-layer like a sweater or fleece jacket. Be sure to bring along a warm and waterproof coat for when the temps go back down or if you get caught in the snow or freezing rain.


Hiking at Detweiler Park or along the Appalachian Trail is a great way to spend time outdoors near Harrisburg. Stay nice and warm with insulated and waterproof outerwear. Snow boots made for hiking in wet snow are perfect for this occasion. Waterproof gloves and an insulated hat will keep your head and hands warm, too. If you plan on getting up early or staying up late while exploring the outdoors, bring a headlamp or flashlight to make it easier to see. 


For those days you want to stay inside and play games or watch movies, or if you’re avoiding an upcoming winter storm, keep these supplies on hand. Bring along extra food and water in case you decide to stay indoors longer than you planned. It can’t hurt to pack an extra propane tank as well, especially if you want to make sure the furnace stays on while you’re sleeping. Extra blankets and sleeping bags are always nice when the temperatures drop lower than expected or if you want to snuggle up and read a good book.

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