If you’re not sure what type of camper to rent for your next family vacation near Penn State, consider renting a small travel trailer. These rentals are the perfect solution for campers who aren’t the “go there and stay there” oriented type of explorers. There are several other reasons that we recommend travel trailer rentals at Freedom RV Rentals. Keep reading to learn about them now.

Why Rent a Travel Trailer for Your Next Family Vacation?

Set Up & Explore

If you enjoy exploring nearby hiking trails or forests near your campground, a travel trailer rental may be the perfect set-up for you. After setting up, you can unhook your vehicle and are free to drive around and explore the area. Many individuals who have travel trailers appreciate this type of flexibility when camping. Families can drive to Bald Eagle or Black Moshannon State Parks and hike through the trails. You can treat your kids to a day of trout fishing at Spring Creek, or drive to Penn Roosevelt State Park for an afternoon of biking.

No Maintenance or Cleaning Required

Owning your own travel trailer can be a ton of fun, but it also means you have to do all the hard work of cleaning, maintenance, and repairing any damage that must be taken care of between adventures. When you reserve an travel trailer rental rather than own one, our team takes care of it all! In fact, we’ll even dump the tanks for you so you can avoid this often messy and smelly task.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Vacation

Your first time renting a travel trailer can become overwhelming without the proper knowledge or equipment. When you rent from us, we have you bring your vehicle in at least one week prior to picking up a trailer rental, so we can ensure you have the right accessories. This includes the proper wiring harness, plug, brake controller, and hitch. We can also deliver and set up a travel trailer rental in most areas in PA so it is ready to go when you arrive at the campground.

Book Your Travel Trailer Now

Contact Freedom RV at (866) 876-7368 to reserve your travel trailer rental. We are glad to offer motorhomes to residents near Penn State and all neighboring communities.

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